You Don't Have to Sweat Through the Summer

You Don't Have to Sweat Through the Summer

Rely on us for prompt AC repairs in West Lafayette, IN

As soon as your air conditioner starts showing signs of wear, it's best to call Howard Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC for AC repair services. We'll inspect your unit to determine the cause of the malfunction and repair it on the spot. After we're through, you'll have a powerful system that cools your home effectively.

Reach out now to get the timely air conditioning repair you need in West Lafayette, IN.

HVAC Repair, Lafayette IN

Don't ignore the signs of a damaged cooling unit

Is your air conditioner about to break down? Contact our team for an AC repair if you notice:

  • Odd smells in your home
  • Pools of water under your unit
  • Strange sounds coming from your unit
  • Inconsistent temperature levels
  • Hot air blowing from the vents
Our technicians have the knowledge, skills and experience required to tackle AC issues of all sorts. If your unit is damaged beyond repair, we can also discuss replacement options with you.

Contact our team now to arrange for air conditioning repair services in West Lafayette, IN.